The Team here at Allsportz are always here to greet you with a friendly face, paired with childlike minds, professional qualifications, and limitless enthusiasm. We ensure the coach your child will be paired with, will create a bond to help encourage and mould their sporting skills to take on the world one small step at a time.

Meet The Team

Alex Shrayer

Role at Allsportz: ‘the entertainer’ Boss of all things FUN!  

Founder of Allsportz in 1987, Prahran, Melbourne

History: At the age of 27 i arrived from Ukraine and started implementing my passion of “teaching children sport” in a “fun and enjoyable way”. From tennis coaching just of Chapel Street to running the business in the same way that it still works today 30 years later.
Favourite thing about Allsportz: Seeing the little ones, so tiny, yet so individually unique, as they grow and develop, it gives me an ocean of emotions filled with satisfaction and happiness to have a company that can help so many, one that i can be so involved in, having fun with children day in and day out, no day is the same and they keep me young at heart.
Favourite Sport: At 57 years of age i still enjoy getting out there with the kids.


Role: organisational wizard’ a.k.a Allsportz Manager

History: Bachelor of Physical Education and Professional jumping castle reviewer.

Favourite Sport: All of them, football would have to top the list.

Favourite Sport as a child: Soccer and softball, because i got to go away on trips to different places.

Why i love Allsportz: I get to have fun everyday with some awesome people, but really i just love throwing balls at the children.


Role: ‘the allrounder’  Program Manager, Photographer, Tennis Coach, Baby Whisperer

History: Bachelor of Primary Education, Bachelor of Communication in Digital Media, Played every sport under the sun, professional photographer by night

Favourite Sport: Tennis, played tennis ever since i could hold a racquet, such an easy sport to have fun with.

Favourite Sport as a child: Netball, as a country girl, netball was the sport all the young girls did.

Why i love Allsportz: The variety i have each day coming into work and encouraging kids of young ages to enjoy and take pride in sport, keeps me smiling, keeps my enthusiasm levels high, and my helps with my endeavour to make lives fun. Watching these kids grow up into skilful little independent characters fills me with pride in my work!


Role: ‘Miss fix it, marketing guru” Kindasport Coach

Qualifications: Our FUN co-ordinator

Favourite Sport: Anything that involves a ball, and a chance for me to win

Favourite Sport as a child: Would definitely have to be Tennis, my dads a tennis coach so he passed his passion for tennis and ‘determination to win at whatever the cost’ down to me

Favourite thing about Allsportz: I love seeing the kids progress and learn with smiles on their faces! And definitely sneaking onto the castles when the boss isn’t looking, jumping around with the kids and having a ball everyday.


Role: ‘the jester’ Kindasport and Sportsday Coach

History: Diploma of Sports Development, Bachelor of Sports and Business Management, Lifeguard, Swimming Coach.

Favourite Sport: My entire family revolves around soccer, ALL eight of us! So i never had a choice soccer had to be my favourite.

Favourite Sport as a child: I was always heavily involved in gymnastics when i was young, i taught myself how to jump, flip ect. Which surprisingly led into a short career in break dancing to which i dislocated my shoulder and my mum wasn’t very happy.

Why i love Allsportz: I love being able to help the younger generation with the basic skills surrounding the sports we teach. When kids in my class learn a new skill and are dying to show me and their parents, its honestly the best feeling, to consider that i am helping these kids achieve greatness and improve their confidence gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


Role: ‘Man of mystery’ Kindasport Coach

Qualifications: Can read children’s minds, Bachelor of Primary

Favourite Sport: Football (AFL) is always been football and will never change, its our national sport, i was born and raised playing, supporting and enjoying it.

Favourite thing about Allsportz: Interacting with the kids and seeing them enjoy all the types of activities and sports that I loved as a kid and still continue to love.