Allsportz has a passion for sport and believes it can be used as a fantastic educational vehicle to teach children benefits other than physical activity.

Our tailored Kindergarten or Primary School programs will give participating children the ability to develop confidence, community, persistence, friendship and teamwork.

We are able to provide a FREE consultation and manipulate our successful program to suit the space available, number of children participating and budget of each Kindergarten and Primary School.

Our proposed incursion program may include sports and activities such as:


Our equipment used is selected specifically for little hands and feet to aid in maximizing participation.  The sports we have chosen and skills trained in the program focus on giving each child the ability to improve balance, hand eye coordination, core/multi-limbed physical strength and improve coordination.

Our tailored program will aid in reducing the risk of obesity, increase cardiovascular fitness and provide training to help develop the healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

We aim to provide high level multi-sport children’s programs and make them as accessible and affordable as possible.

Interested in a Free Consultation?  Head to the ‘Contact Us’ page, fill out an enquiry message or call one of the contact numbers provided to discuss.