Give your child a head start with Allsportz

Term already started? Not a problem! Book and pay from the day you sign up!


Experienced Coaches

Patient, friendly, skilled, and energetic. Our coaches have a wide range of experience teaching sports. Helping nurture your child’s confidence, athletic ability, and social skills.


Small Class Sizes

Your child won’t get lost in the crowd. Each class has a dedicated coach and only 6-8 students to ensure they get the training and support they need.


Suitable For All Ages

We have tailored classes for all age groups. Perfect for kids from 18 months to 6 years old. Your child will be with students of similar age and skill.

“Oscar has gained so many skills whilst participating at Allsportz. We’ve been going for almost half a year. He is always so happy when we go!”


How It Works

See how Allsportz is designed to help your child.

Your child will experience the fun of over 5 different sports and activities.
Our programs include traditional sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, footy,
and hockey.

But we don’t stop there.

In our “Driving School” they’ll learn essential skills in bike and scooter riding. As well as enjoy our jumping castle and quad bike track.

At Allsportz we strive to develop growth in your child. Working on their social skills, self-esteem, and physical ability.

Through sport we encourage an inclusive environment. Where children can explore, learn, play, and make friends.

“An amazing program to get kids active and healthy! The perfect program if you’ve got children of different ages! My 18month old loves her 45 minutes of sports class, whilst my 4 years old does her 6 hour class!” – Mary G.



We Work With You

No matter what you need we have a class perfect for your child. After completing your FREE 45 minute class our friendly coaches will help you choose the program best for your child.

Orrong Romanis Recreation Centre

2 Molesworth Street, Prahran

45 minute – $20 per class for a term based booking)

2 hours – $35 per class for a term based booking 0r / $40 (for casual)

4 hours – $50 per class for a term based booking 0r / $55 (for casual)

6 hours – $60 per class for a term based booking 0r / $65 (for casual)

Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre

8 Warner Avenue, Ashburton

45 minute – $20 per class for a term based booking

1.5 hours – $30 per class for a term based booking 0r / $35 (for casual)

3 hours – $40 per class for a term based booking 0r / $45 (for casual)


Let’s Meet Phoebe.

Phoebe started at Allsportz when she was only 18 months old. Just starting to walk and move on her own two feet. The perfect time to start.

She was the typical little girl, dressed in a pink tutu, with bows in her hair and a fluffy pink bunny in her arms.

After spending the first 18 months of her life shopping with mum. Her parents had decided it was time for her to try something new.

Having never been to childcare before Phoebe was shy at the beginning of her classes.

As the term went on Phoebe’s connection with her class mates and coach grew stronger and stronger. Making her WANT to come to Allsportz to see her new friends.

By the end of the term Phoebe was able to spend afternoons in the park, playing soccer with her parents… Showing off her new Allsportz skills.

This is one example of how Allsportz can help your child grow. If this sounds perfect for your child we’d love to hear from you.